What Others Say About Pathfinder

What Others Say about Pathfinder Mortgage and Investments

Many references are available including previous clients and  title companies that have handled the actual closing of previous purchases. George Pihakis, II takes pride in the fact that for over 25 years, Pathfinder has earned a great reputation by keeping their word, by being fair, and by working hard to meet the needs of their clients. Pathfinder Mortgage and Investments, Inc. and George Pihakis II look forward to doing business with you!

Recommendation Letters

George Pihakis ll, from Pathfinder Mortgage and Investments, Inc got in touch with me about five weeks ago. They were interested in purchasing my mortgage on a home, in Boynton Beach, FL, that I sold approximately four months earlier. Several other companies had contacted me, but I wasn’t interested in doing business with them.

When I talked to George he gave me all the options and details explaining pros and cons to each one. He also offered me the best price. He was polite, pleasant and friendly. He told me to please get back to him, after I’d thought it over.  There was never any pressure from him.  I got back to him and he answered all my questions and I decided it was a good option for me. George told me exactly what I needed and guided me through a “painless” process. Within a week, after he got my documents, the money was in my bank account and the deal was complete!

I wholeheartedly recommend this company to anybody who is interested in selling their mortgage. I no longer have to deal with carrying a mortgage and all that it entails in doing so.

Thank you, George and Pathfinder for your help and guidance. My retirement is much easier now!!

Sandy Wiggins

There are no words to express my appreciation for your assistance with my brother’s seven mortgages.  It was a very frustrating and emotional time for me dealing with his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.  As his Power of Attorney, I was overwhelmed with handling these mortgages.  His files were a mess with missing pertinent information, as well as very poor recordkeeping.  The only positive in the files was finding a business card with your name on it.  What a blessing that turned out to be.

You took on the task of helping me with seven mortgages, of which two were in the process of foreclosure.  While working with the attorney who had started the foreclosure process, you intervened and quickly identified several issues that saved me thousands of dollars in legal fees.

It was a rough ten months resolving all of the issues associated with the mortgages.  Through the entire ordeal you always assured me that we’ll get through this and everything would be OK.  Due to your expertise and confidence, this was exactly how it turned out.

I put total trust in you from day one, and you never disappointed me. Your professional demeanor is impeccable and I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is interested in selling their mortgage(s).

Best regards,

Beverly Hadley

I would like to thank you for the superior service and help on the sale of my mortgage payments.  You guided us through the process with super professional help and advice.  We had a few unusual problems in our situation, and you took the time to explain and assist us through all of them with a great outcome for us.

We had never done this type of transaction before, and were really nervous about it possibly being a scam of some type, but exactly what you told us would happen – did! You helped us through several problems that came up with expertise and efficiency.  I want to thank you and your staff for all they have done to assist and support you in our transaction.

All too often in today’s business world you only hear from people complaining, but I would like to change that with this letter, as I had nothing but positive results from you and your staff, and you went the extra mile on several items that we had occur while our deal was being worked out. I would strongly recommend you to anyone looking to sell their mortgage payment as we did to your business.  If I can help in any way please let me know, or if a customer needs to talk to someone before completing a deal, feel free to give them my name and telephone number.  Once again, thank you and God bless.

Jack Wiggins, Lake Placid, FL

Just wanted to thank you for all your expert help in closing this deal.  Dealing with you was a pleasure.  I believe that you really took an interest in our needs and desires well above what we expected in a business transaction.  I feel that we got a very fair deal and that you handled it flawlessly.  If, in the future we decide to sell any other mortgages, you will definitely be the first person we call.

Best regards,

Dennis and Lori Davis

I sincerely appreciate your help with the transaction of selling my note.  I would have had to wait 15 more years to get the money that I so badly need now.  Your concern for my worrying and keeping me informed with every step renewed my trust in dealing with someone I did not know.  It was truly appreciated.  The time manner in which it happened was amazing.

You certainly are a credit to your profession and I would recommend you to anyone.

Many thanks for all your help.


Carolyn Culp

It was a real pleasure working with you on the recent sale of my mortgage.  Your diligence was never ending and it was reassuring to know you were readily available to answer questions.  Everything promised was delivered in very timely and professional manner.  Would highly recommend Pathfinder Mortgages and Investments to anyone.

Thank you,
Shirley Dupree,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful service you provided during the recent sale of the mortgage of my property.  I found it easy to work with you and Pathfinder Mortgage and Investments during what could have been a long process.  Your willingness to work with me and provide detailed information and reasonable terms was greatly appreciated. I was happy to work with someone I could trust and who understood my concerns during the transaction.  I would recommend you and Pathfinder Mortgage and Investments to anyone!

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Henry Lee,  The Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science at the University of New Haven

I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I was with the professional, timely and ‘no surprises’ sale of the mortgage I sold to your company, Pathfinder Mortgage and Investments, Inc..  I couldn’t be happier with the timely result from initial signing of the Agreement, to closing; to funds being wired into my account.  While you told me it would take no longer than 30 days from start to finish, my deal was consummated in 17 days from beginning to end.  It was a pleasurable experience dealing with a company that tells you what it will do and does it in a timely manner.  While I know that you have competitors in your field, I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone interested in converting their mortgage to cash speak with Pathfinder Mortgage and Investments, Inc. before finalizing a sale to any other company.

Hugo Unruh, Stuart, Florida

It has been a great pleasure to do business with you, George.  You are kind and very helpful with what you do.  My husband and I are happy to have dealt with you!Thank you,

Eduardo and Doris T. Gonzalez, Plant City, Florida

As a new client, I’ve was treated with respect and honesty by Pathfinder Mortgage and Investments, Inc..  The paperwork was thorough and to the point, and all monies were delivered promptly.  I had many questions throughout the process, which were answered truthfully and completely.  There was no pressure from Mr. Pihakis to commit, which allowed me to consult my financial advisors.  The return was fair and I was kept informed of the progress throughout the process.  It was one of the easiest financial transactions I’ve ever had!

Susan Kuka, Chapel Hill, NC

I want to thank Pathfinder Mortgage and Investments, Inc. for such efficiency with the sale of my real estate mortgage, as the transaction was complete in only 16 days.  Pathfinder made phone contact with every step of the way to complete all of the paperwork.  As soon as I sent back the papers by UPS, 2 hours later the money was in my account.  I would not just recommend Pathfinder but HIGHLY recommend Pathfinder for the best mortgage and investment company to do business with!  Thank you again George!

Claude Miller

I would like to thank you for the excellent work you did on my mortgage transaction.  You did it in the time frame that I asked and did it in a veryprofessional way.  I appreciate that very much!

Greg Zielinski

Our recent experience with Pathfinder Mortgage was one of complete satisfaction.  Mr. Pihakis was always accessible, and took time to explain each step of the process.  He is the consummate businessman, knowledgeable, yet talks to you on a level that you understand the entire process.  We would use him again if the occasion presented itself.

Tim Jordan, Jr.

I would like to take a moment and thank your company and more importantly you for the help and guidance through the very unfamiliar process of selling a mortgage.  Your patience and advice made it a seamless and easy process. Over the course of about 6 weeks I can say that I have never experienced such gracious and knowledgeable service. This type of attentive service removed all doubt and reluctance to follow your advice and in the end worked out better than I expected.  I know we had a few hurtles to get over, however your professional advice on how to handle these issues kept us from making mistakes that I surely would have made had I not taken your advice to heart.
I do hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your family and want you to know as Robert and I continue to purchase investment homes and turn them around we will always have you in mind first should we need to sell off another mortgage.  I value your expertise and the rapport we have developed over the past couple of months.

Sincerely, Ron Horne

We cannot say enough about all the effort you put into this transaction for me and my wife!  We would like to commend you for all your hard work! We did appreciate it and are thankful!

Sincerely, Ben Di FRanco and Joanne Di Franco

I have recently been asked to provide a reference letter for George Pihakis II of Pathfinder Mortgage and Investments, Inc.  I am pleased to be able to assist with this.  Mr. Pihakis was able to assist us with the sale of a mortgage that we wanted to complete.  He was very helpful.  I found him to be friendly, courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. He handled this matter promptly, which I really appreciated, and I would recommend him and this company to others.

Norma L. Kelley, Lakeland, FL

Pathfinder Mortgage and Investments is a very professional company to work with in the selling of our mortgage. George Pihakis II is very courteous and meticulous regarding details in the transaction from start to finish.  I would recommend this company to anyone.

Mary Hayes, Sun City Center, FL

George Pihakis and myself have done business together in the past.  Through the years I have had no problems and it has been a pleasure to work with him. He is very honest, and gets the jobs done right in a timely manner.
If there is anything I can contribute in regard to Mr. Pihakis’, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Walter Tomasik